Real-Time Analytics for Brick & Mortar provides the insights you need to grow your business


Identify trends in your customer traffic so that you can more effectively run your business.


We offer an easy, plug and play solution to count your in-store traffic.


Personally identifiable customer data is never stored.

Real-Time Analytics for Brick & Mortar

Powered by Machine Vision, enables you to monitor trends in foot traffic with segments for gender, age and unique vs repeat customers. We measure while you manage how to grow your business.

Object Tracking

Object tracking reveals where customers are spending time. Knowing this can tell you whether dusty inventory needs to be marked down or if its display needs updating.

Real-Time Insights

Cloud-based dashboard gives you access to historical and real-time metrics. Stay informed on past and present trends to better understand what drives people to your business.

No More Assumptions

Is there an uptick in repeat customers who look and leave? Are you converting less often with 40-50 year old females? What's the effectiveness of your recent marketing campaign targeting 25-30 year old males? When it comes to making strategic descisions, you shouldn't have to rely on your gut.

With the time and money you spend on driving customers to your business, why not take the time to understand every customer that walks through your door and not just the ones who transact?

We offer an affordable way to count every potential customer, extracting key demographics that will enable you to be more strategic as you grow your business.